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Hello, welcome on my userpage at english Wikipedia. My Home Wiki is german Wikipedia. In both Wikis I mainly focus on hunting vandals and reviewing new pages, though that doesn't mean you can't see me doing other things from time to time.

In german Wikipedia I started editing on January 13, 2017, but here I am active since November 2018 (With 3 exceptions from June 2017). As we are all humans, we all make mistakes, and we also all were a new account a given time ago. In the case I make a mistake, feel free to leave me a message linking the policy, but please be civil.

Please Note that "Victor Schmidt" is not my real name. Please don't publish my real name anywhere on Wikipedia, in case you know it for some reason. And also please do not ask for personal information from me (what my real name is, how old I am, where I live ...). Such messages I will delete without discussion.

Im currently rather busy in real life. Therefore, you may see me more often as User:Victor Schmidt mobil. If you have concerns that need urgent response, emailing me is probably the faster way.

To summarize, I do my best to make Wikipedia a bit better, but I am a Human, and humans make mistakes. I wish you a nice day and much fun with editing Wikipedia!

Victor Schmidt

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