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  • It is better to turn on a light than to curse the darkness, but they're not mutually exclusive, so, fie on thee, darkness. BulbgraphOnOff.gif
  • My favorite quote was uttered by Norm on the TV show Cheers: "It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I'm wearing Milk-Bone underwear."
  • Callipygian is my favorite word (who thinks up these things?). Other fun words: mattoid, pleonasm.
  • Most beloved movie of all time? Casablanca, hands down.

With the coming of the Internet, many eyes turned hopefully, or desperately, toward the freedom of Wikipedia. became the great embarkation point. But, not everybody could get to it with a high-speed connection, and so a tortuous, roundabout trail sprang up, by dial-up. Here, the fortunate ones through money, or influence, or luck, might break their addiction and scurry back to the Real World. But the others edit in Wikipedia... and edit... and edit... and edit.

  • My lifelong ambition is to be accepted into Densa. No luck so far...
  • I do not suffer from Witzelsucht, though it may appear at times that I do, for example here and here (the space elevator is sometimes nicknamed the "beanstalk").
  • The person I admire the most is Raoul Wallenberg. His deeds speak for themselves.
  • For Star Trek and specifically Worf fans: Today is a good day to edit.
  • Philosophically, I'm a "minist" ("minimalist" has too many letters). Also a deletionist.
    • If I had written some of Shakespeare's plays in seven words, they'd have read like this:
      • False friend incites jealous husband to Moor-der.
      • To D (Dithering Dane debates, defeats dead dad's deposers) or not to D (Dithering Danish prince avenges his father's murder), that is the question.
      • Scottish thane falls victim to "witch"ful thinking.
  • Oldest number one hit song: "In the Good Old Sumer Time"?
  • I once played a Pokerstars one-table freeroll tournament with Chris Moneymaker. In addition to the prize money, there was a bounty for knocking Moneymaker out. When we got to heads up, I ad-libbed, "Mr. Chris-tian, I want your bounty", but I don't think he got it.
  • Best spelling mistake I've run across in a while: "one dementional".
  • What is the moral of the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? That you can have two-faced, fair-weather friends once they realize they need you? That Santa should be reported to the authorities for allowing a hostile work environment to fester? Ho, ho, huh?
  • Common tropes that science fiction gets dead wrong:
    • War between different species: They would have to be at almost exactly the same technological level for it to be anything other than a gross mismatch. Consider the vast difference between World War I and World War II weaponry, with only a couple of decades of "progress". How likely is that? Possibly one side could have an advantage in certain sciences that might compensate for backwardness in others, but that would be highly improbable.
    • Aristocracy: Look around. See any monarchs of modern countries with real power? Nobody buys into the divine right of kings anymore. And yet even the Honor Harrington series is guilty of this. At least the Vorkosigan Saga has an excuse; Barrayar was cut off from modern civilization for centuries and regressed.
    • Slavery: In the modern world, a useful slave is a dangerous slave. It's just too easy to commit sabotage nowadays, not at all like the cotton plantations of old. The only exception is sexual slavery, for obvious reasons. However, even that may be overtaken by sex robots.
    • Dingy and/or cold-looking spaceships: Bad for morale, especially when you're on long missions. Compared to the cost of construction for your average starship, decorating it in a pleasing way would be a negligible price to pay.
  • People who should be posthumously given Darwin Awards:
  • Vampires must be blood type AB+ or a type unknown in humans.
  • The transgender version of Moby-Dick begins with "Call me Male-ish."
  • In traditional Chinese medicine, they use fecal matter from bats in many concoctions, so I can truthfully say those who believe in it are batshit crazy.
  • I am sorely tempted to create a separate account, User:AllHope, ... and then abandon it.
  • You make sixteen edits, what do you get? Another day older and deeper on The List.

'*' - article creator


My most edited article is Casablanca. I wasn't able to contribute as much material as I would have liked (1,000,000,000,000,000 other people got there first), but I have rewritten sizable portions of it to improve the style. Trivia: As of November 3, 2010, I have edited this article one more time (441) than the next three contributors combined.

I wrote the first plot summary for Lawrence of Arabia. I'm also rather pleased with the synopsis of I Know Where I'm Going!


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