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Hooks with 5,000 total views or 350 views per hour.

Article (date) Image DYK views Per hour Hook
1. The Italian (1915 film), George Beban (10/5/09) George Beban (The Italian).jpg 14,100 + 6,002 = 20,102 3,350 ... that the 1915 film The Italian tells the story of an immigrant played by George Beban (pictured) who goes to America in search of fortune but finds a "Darwininan jungle" on New York's Lower East Side?
2. Henri Salmide (3/19/10) 19,654 3,276 ... that Heinz Stahlschmidt was credited with saving 3,500 French lives when he refused to blow up the port of Bordeaux and instead blew up the munitions bunker, killing approximately 50 Germans?
3. Vincent Mroz (12/3/12) 23,000 2,875 ... that United States Secret Service agent Vincent Mroz shot an attempted presidential assassin in the "biggest gunfight in Secret Service history"?
4. Millard House (8/28/08) Millard House, Pasadena.JPG 21,783 2,793 ... that Frank Lloyd Wright said of the Millard House (pictured) that he "would rather have built this little house than St. Peter's in Rome"?
5. Charlie Bennett (7/15-7/16/14) Charles W. Bennett (DYK Crop).jpg 20,537 2,567 ... that the baseball career of Charlie Bennett (pictured), who reportedly invented the chest protector, ended when both legs were run over by a train?
6. LAHCM in SFV (9/30/08) 13,664 + 770 = 14,567 2,428 ... that a tower of 2,000 wooden Schlitz beer pallets described as "a rotting vestige of one man's egotism" that festers "like a sore on the community's body" is a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument?
7. Ernest Allmendinger (2/10/09) Ernest Allmendinger.jpg 14,326 2,368 ... that American football player "Aqua" Allmendinger (pictured), once described as "a young giant in perfect physical condition," acquired his nickname after working as a waterboy for railroad building crews?
8. Marshall Newell (6/1/09) Marshall Newell.jpg 14,200 2,367 ... that "Ma" Newell (pictured), one of the few four-year All-Americans in college football history, was run over by a railroad engine on Christmas Eve 1897?
9. Garden Gnome Liberationists (12/17/08) Protestgnome.jpg 14,200 2,367 ... that the leader of the French Garden Gnome Liberation Front was given a suspended sentence after the group "liberated" over 150 garden gnomes in 1997?
10. Michigan quarterbacks (12/5/10) Thomas H. McNeil (1884)crop.jpg 14,000 2,333 ... that the quarterbacks for the Michigan Wolverines football teams of the 19th century included a Brigadier General decorated for valor in World War I, the brother of a famous novelist, one of the founders of General Motors, the physician at a Kimberly-Clark mill, the son of the Governor of Wyoming, a steamboat builder, a Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Pythias (pictured) and a sheep rancher from Walla Walla?
11. William Wilson Talcott (12/4/10) William Wilson Talcott.png 13,247 2,283 ... that ice cream manufacturer William Wilson Talcott (pictured) killed himself by jumping from an excursion steamer into Lake Michigan with rocks in his pockets after he was unable to extricate his wife from a "love cult" in 1922?
12. Lilian Lenton (11/12/08) Suffragette-force-fed.jpg 13,185 2,217 ... that the force-feeding (pictured) of suffragette, arsonist and hunger-striker Lilian Lenton caused food to enter her lungs and led to public outrage? (nom)
13. USA Field Hockey Hall of Fame inductees (2/6/21) Phyllis Stadler.png 25,897 (3,826 + 2,504 + 3,421 + 979 + 924 + 707 + 847 + 743 + 807 + 11,140) 2,158 ... that the first women inducted into the USA Field Hockey Hall of Fame included a WASP pilot, a World War II Marine, a "Chickie", a Hall of Fame lacrosse player, a world-champion softball player, an All-College basketball player, the founder of the first collegiate squash program in the United States, a professor and a valedictorian of Ursinus College, and a resident of Atlantis (pictured)?
14. Emil Gross (7/23-7/24/14) Emil Gross (photo).jpg 25,861 2,155 ... that Emil Gross set a Major League Baseball record by appearing in 87 games as catcher?
15. SS Catalina (7/15/08) 12,887 2,148 ... that SS Catalina, after reportedly carrying more passengers than any other ship anywhere, has been stuck half-submerged in Ensenada, Mexico for more than ten years?
16. Thomas S. Hammond (3/30/10) Tom Hammond 1903.jpg 12,500 2,083 ... that American football player Tom Hammond (pictured) always played without protective padding, saying "I want them to feel my bones"?
17. 1902 Michigan Wolverines football team (11/5/10) 1902 Michigan Wolverines football team.jpg 12,155 2,033 ... that 10 players from the 1902 "Point-a-Minute" Michigan football team (pictured), which outscored opponents 644–12, became head coaches?
18. Walter D. Graham (12/17/10) Walter D. Graham.png 11,800 1,967 ... that Michigan football player "Octy" Graham (pictured) at age 16 was called a "young Hercules" after "gripping machines did not register high enough to show his strength"?
19. The Sea of Ice (11/25/08) Caspar David Friedrich - Das Eismeer - Hamburger Kunsthalle - 02.jpg 11,700 1,950 ... that Caspar David Friedrich's 1824 painting The Sea of Ice (pictured) was seen as too radical in composition, and went unsold until after his death in 1840? (nom) (23,000 DYK image views [3,833 per hour])
20. Clarence Chesterfield Howerton (8/28/13) Clarence "Major Mite" Howerton.jpg 23,019 1,918 ... that Clarence Chesterfield Howerton, aka Major Mite (pictured), was billed as the world's smallest man?
21. Encino Oak Tree (10/6/08) Encino Oak Tree.jpg 11,367 1,903 ... that Los Angeles police were sent to guard the remains of the 1000-year-old Encino Oak Tree, a victim of "slime flux", after it was felled by an El Niño storm in 1998?
22. Clara Williams (10/6/09) Clara Williams (The Italian).jpg 11,247 1,867 ... that silent film star Clara Williams (pictured), known for her "forty famous frocks", appeared in more than 100 films between 1910 and 1918?
23. Joanne Siegel (3/4-3/5/11) Joanne Siegel 1976.jpg 13,564 1,700 ... that Joanne Siegel was the original model for Lois Lane and later married Superman's co-creator?
24. Lincoln Broyhill (12/10/08) 10,108 1,685 ... that B-17 Flying Fortress tailgunner "Babe" Broyhill set a record by destroying two Messerschmitt ME-262 jet fighters in a mission over Berlin in March 1945?
25. Dummy Taylor (9/2/11) DummyTaylorLOC.jpg 13,403 1,675 ... that Dummy Taylor, once the highest salaried deaf person in the United States, was ejected from a baseball game for cursing out the umpire in sign language?
26. San Dimas Hotel (9/4/08) San Dimas Hotel (Walker House).jpg 9,549 1,611 ... that the 33-room San Dimas Hotel (pictured) built in 1887 never had a paying guest due to a land boom that never occurred?
27. Laurens Shull (6/22/09) ChateauThierryTurningPointWorldWarCard.jpg 9,460 1,577 ... that University of Chicago football star Laurens "Spike" Shull died of wounds suffered rushing a machine gun nest at the Battle of Château-Thierry (pictured)?
28. Double entendre songs (1/1/21) Dinah Washington 1952.jpg 13,757 + 6,108 + 6,308 + 6,080 + 5,306 = 37,559 1,565 ... that a ranking of the greatest double-entendre songs of all time included "Big Long Slidin' Thing" by Dinah Washington (pictured), "Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl" by Bessie Smith, "It Ain't the Meat (It's the Motion)" by the Swallows, "Keep On Churnin' (Till the Butter Comes)" by Wynonie Harris, and "Big Ten Inch Record" by Aerosmith?
29. Forbidden Area (11/5/20) Charlton Heston in Forbidden Area.jpeg 18,272 1,523 ... that Rod Serling's Forbidden Area (actor pictured), a nuclear-war thriller, launched the four-year run of a series voted in 1970 as "the greatest television series of all time"?
30. Holy Land USA Holy Land postcard.jpg 11,506 1,513 ... that Holy Land USA (pictured), a Connecticut theme park intended to replicate Bethlehem and Jerusalem of the biblical era, once attracted more than 40,000 visitors annually? (nom only)
31. Ralphs Grocery Store (Westwood) (8/8/08) Ralphs Grocery Store, Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles.JPG 9,000 1,500 ... that Ralphs Grocery Store (location pictured), part of a plan to build the "model college town" in 1929, was photographed by Ansel Adams?
32. George R. Christmas (1/12/09) LtGenChristmas adjusted.jpg 11,100 1,480 ... that George R. Christmas (pictured), then known as Captain Christmas, received the Navy Cross for "extraordinary heroism" in the Vietnam War? (nom)
33. Leonard Skinner (9/29/10) 8,823 1,471 ... that The New York Times called Leonard Skinner, the namesake of Lynyrd Skynyrd, "arguably the most influential high school gym teacher in American popular culture"? (approximately 45,000 views that week and 34,910 on 2/21/14)
34. 1901 Michigan Wolverines football team (3/22/10) 1901 Michigan Wolverines football team.jpg 8,730 1,453 ... that Michigan's 1901 "Point-a-Minute" team (pictured), rated one of the greatest college football teams of all time, outscored its opponents 550–0 and beat Stanford 49–0 in the first Rose Bowl game?
35. Horace Greely Prettyman (2/27/09) Horace Prettyman (1890).jpg 8,713 1,452 ... that Horace Prettyman (pictured) played eight years of "college" football for the University of Michigan from 1882 to 1890, some when he was in his 30s and no longer a student?
36. M33 cluster bomb (11/19/08) M33 cluster bomb.jpg 8,692 1,449 ... that after testing the biological Brucella cluster bomb on 11,000 guinea pigs, a U.S. general remarked "Now we know what to do if we ever go to war against guinea pigs"? (hook)
37. Deacon McGuire (7/24/14) Deacon McGuire hand x-ray.jpg 17,330 1,444 ... that an x-ray of catcher Deacon McGuire's gnarled left hand (pictured) showed "36 breaks, twists or bumps all due to baseball accidents"?
38. Breakers Hotel (Long Beach) (9/29/09) Breakers Hotel.jpg 11,500 1,438 ... that the Sky Room atop the Breakers Hotel (pictured) was the local Airwatch headquarters in World War II?
39. The Swimming Hole (12/19/08) Swimming hole.jpg 8,600 1,433 ... that artist Thomas Eakins was fired shortly after the exhibition of The Swimming Hole pictured), cited as a prime example of homoeroticism in American art? (nom) (51,354 views on 10/16/09 [MainPage FA])
40. Hunter's Hot Springs (12/9/08) Old Perpetual geyser.jpg 11,300 1,413 ... that the "Old Perpetual" geyser (pictured) at Hunter's Hot Springs in Lake County, Oregon, releases a plume of near-boiling water 50 to 60 feet (15–18 m) into the air every 90 seconds? (hook only)
41. Charles F. Watkins (3/25/11) Charles Watkins (1898).jpg 10,800 1,350 ... that Michigan Wolverines baseball player and coach Charles F. Watkins sustained severe burns from an X-ray machine, which ultimately resulted in his death?
42. Luke Matheny (3/4/11) 10,590 1,324 ... that Luke Matheny, whose hair was described as "a vast black bouffant that makes him look like an untidy microphone", began his Academy Award acceptance speech by joking, "I should've gotten a haircut"?
43. Biff, the Michigan Wolverine (4/2/08) 7,908 1,318 ...that the Michigan Wolverines' practice of parading their live mascot Biff before matches was stopped as the animal grew larger and more ferocious?
44. Weldy Walker (6/7/12) Weldy Walker 1883.jpg 10,348 1,294 ... that an 1888 letter written by Weldy Walker, the second African American in Major League Baseball, was called "perhaps the most passionate cry for justice ever voiced by a Negro athlete"?
45. Phillips Mansion, Louis Phillips (9/5/08) Phillips Mansion, Pomona 1.jpg 6,256 + 1,408 = 7,740 1,290 ... that the Phillips Mansion, described as having been built in the "Classic Haunted Mansion" style, was the home of the richest man in Los Angeles County from 1875 to 1900?
46. Curtis Redden (8/8-8/9/09) Curtis Redden.jpg 7,457 1,243 ... that Michigan end Curtis Redden (pictured) died in World War I after he had described the night sky over the battlefield as "weird, hideous, fascinating, sublime"?
47. Neil Snow (2/10/09) Neil Snow.jpg 6,688 1,239 ... that Neil Snow (pictured), ranked by Grantland Rice as one of the three greatest all-around athletes ever turned out in college sports, died of heart failure at age 34 after a game of squash?
48. 1906 All-America team (2/28/10) 7,400 total 1,233 ... that the 1906 College Football All-America Team included Princeton quarterback Eddie Dillon, Harvard guard Francis Burr, Yale end Bob Forbes, Cornell center Bill Newman, a midshipman who was the strongest man in the U.S. Naval Academy, and a guard who was described as "one of the largest men who ever played on a college gridiron"? (2,700 for Elmer Thompson, 2,400 for Percy Northcroft)
49. Ramsay-Durfee Estate (8/12/08) Ramsay-Durfee Estate, Los Angeles.jpg 7,898 1,215 ... that the widow-owner of the Durfee Mansion died in 1976 at age 99, leaving an untouched wine cellar stocked with vintage wines and whisky dating to the 1890s?
50. McCabe's Guitar Shop (4/2/08) McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica.JPG 7,100 1,183 ...that more than a dozen artists have recorded live albums in the back room of McCabe's Guitar Shop, including Townes Van Zandt, Ralph Stanley, and R.E.M.?
51. Civilization (film) (10/5/09) Civilization Poster.jpg 7,000 1,167 ... that the epic anti-war film Civilization (poster pictured), depicting Jesus walking through the carnage of war, was credited with helping re-elect U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in 1916?
52. William Ward (5/20/11) William Douglas Ward.jpg 9,300 1,163 ... that Michigan football coach William Ward later became a physician who experimented with the surgical creation of artificial vaginas? (16,991 views for artificial vaginas)
53. Sex (film) (9/28/09) Sex (1920) - Ad 1.jpg 9,300 1,163 ... that the 1920 film Sex, opening with its star performing a seductive "spider dance" clad in "a translucent cloak of webs", had its title censored in Pennsylvania?
54. Hollywood Studio Club (5/31-6/1/08) Hollywood Studio Club, Hollywood, California.JPG 8,630 1,151 ... that Marilyn Monroe posed naked in 1948 to raise US$50 to pay the rent for her room at the Hollywood Studio Club (pictured)?
55. Charles Dvorak (2/28-3/1/11) Charles Dvorak.jpg 6,883 1,147 ... that Charles Dvorak (pictured) missed the pole vault finals at the 1900 Olympics after being told the event was postponed, but returned to win the gold medal at the 1904 Olympics?
56. Thomas Trueblood (1/29-1/30/08) Thomas Trueblood.png 6,678 1,113 ...that University of Michigan elocution professor Thomas Trueblood received nationwide attention when the Chicago Tribune reported in 1903 that he was offering a new "course in love making"?
57. Hercules Renda (7/28/10) 6,581 1,097 ... that Hercules Renda was described as a "midget from the hills of West Virginia" who "ran, squirmed and tackled" his way into the hearts of Michigan football fans in the 1930s?
58. Denard Robinson (9/15/10) Denard Robinson (2012-09-15).jpg 6,500 1,083 ... that in his first two games as a starter, Denard "Shoelace" Robinson achieved the two highest single-game total offense totals in Michigan Wolverines history—and did so with his shoes untied?
59. Jim McColl (1/14/09) 7,200 1,074 ... that Jim McColl, the son of a butcher, reportedly became Scotland's richest man in 2008? (nom)
60. Taylor Mitchell (11/5/09) 6,433 1,072 ... that in October 2009 Canadian folk singer Taylor Mitchell became the first adult in North America known to have been killed by coyotes? (nom) (44,429 views on 10/29/09)
61. Afghan Muscles 9,343 1,062 ... that the director of Afghan Muscles ignored the role of Afghan women in bodybuilding, noting "It's men looking at men," and "60% [of men] have their first sexual experience with another man"? (hook only)
62. Storer House (6/12/08) Storer House, Hollywood Boulevard.JPG 7,353 1,050 ... that Frank Lloyd Wright's textile block work, Storer House, was restored in the 1980s by Joel Silver, producer of the films Die Hard and The Matrix?
63. Henry M. Senter (11/29/10)
Henry Senter.jpg
6,300 1,050 ... that Mort Senter (pictured), Michigan's 1896 football captain, became involved in a diplomatic incident after Colombian soldiers seized property from his home in 1902?
64. William Dennison Clark (11/17-11/18/10) William Dennison Clark.jpg 6,192 1,032 ... that William Dennison Clark, whose "wretched blunder" in 1905 ended Michigan's 56-game unbeaten streak in football, killed himself 27 years later, reportedly expressing the hope to atone for his error?
65. Franklin Morse (7/10-7/11/09
Franklin Morse
6,188 1,031 ... that American football halfback Franklin Morse (pictured) was the model for a drawing, prints of which reportedly "hung in most college rooms throughout the country" during the 1890s?
66. Ernie Lopez (10/8-10/9/09) 6,141 1,024 ... that the selection of Ernie "Indian Red" Lopez for the California Boxing Hall of Fame led to his discovery in a Texas homeless shelter after being missing for 12 years?
67. Suicide bag (12/28/08) 6,100 1,017 ... that an exit bag, consisting of a large, clear plastic bag with a drawstring, is a commercially available device for committing suicide? (nom)
68. Hacienda Arms Apartments (11/24/08) Hacienda Arms (Piazza del Sol), West Hollywood.JPG 6,104 1,017 ... that Hacienda Arms on the Sunset Strip was the "most famous brothel in California" in the 1930s and now houses a celebrity-owned restaurant described by Newsweek as "so hip it hurts"?
69. Irving Kane Pond (3/16-3/17/10) Irving Pond.jpg 6,054 1,009 ... that Irving Pond (pictured) designed three National Historic Landmarks, performed a backflip on his 80th birthday, and scored the first ever touchdown for the Michigan Wolverines?
70. Sue K. Hicks (12/11/08) 5,914 986 ... that Sue K. Hicks, a prosecutor in the Scopes Monkey Trial who later became a judge in Tennessee, may have been the inspiration for the song, "A Boy Named Sue," popularized by singer Johnny Cash in 1969? (nom)
71. Highland Park Masonic Temple (8/1/08) Highland Park Masonic Temple.jpg 5,905 984 ... that the old Lodge Room at the Highland Park Masonic Temple (pictured) has been preserved with original anaglyphs and cherry wood paneling?
72. Fred Rehor (3/17-3/18/11) Fred Rehor.jpg 7,843 980 ... that Fred Rehor (pictured), a 256-pound pharmacy student from the University of Michigan, helped lead the 1917 Massillon Tigers to the "world's professional football championship" against Jim Thorpe's Canton Bulldogs?
73. El Greco Apartments (6/18/08) El Greco Apartments, Los Angeles.JPG 6,785 969 ... that the El Greco Apartments (pictured), once home to Casablanca director Michael Curtiz, were saved from demolition with fund-raising help from Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy?
74. Florizel von Reuter (12/1/08) Florizel von Reuter.jpg 5,743 957 ... that Florizel von Reuter (pictured), a child prodigy on the violin, later developed psychic interests and wrote books describing communications with dead composers, including Paganini and Rimsky-Korsakov? (nom)
75. James Bond (4/1/13) James Bond UB Coach.png 7,600 950 ... that James Bond played briefly in the National Football League after completing his military service?
76. John Sowden House (6/08) John Sowden House, Los Angeles.JPG 5,700 950 ... that the Lloyd Wright-designed John Sowden House (pictured) is known as the "Jaws House" because its facade resembles the open mouth of a shark? (9,800 photo views)
77. Walter L. Dodge House (1/8/09) North elevation and garden - Walter Luther Dodge House, 950 North Kings Road, West Hollywood District, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA HABS CAL,19-LOSAN,27-4.tif 6,607 943 ... that the 1916 Early Modern Dodge House in West Hollywood, California, called one of the fifteen most significant houses in the United States, was demolished in 1970 to make way for apartments?
78. Carl Lundgren (4/6/11) Carl Lundgren (cropped for DYK).jpg 7,514 939 ... that Cubs pitcher Carl Lundgren (pictured) had "speed to burn green hickory and an assortment of curves that would keep a cryptograph specialist figuring all night but he was wild as a March hare in a cyclone"?
79. Garbutt House (7/7/08) 5,624 937 ... that the 20-room Garbutt House in Los Angeles, California was built with concrete walls and ceilings, steel-reinforced doors and no fireplaces due to the owner's intense fear of fire?
80. Archie Weston (4/17/09) Archie Weston.jpg 5,587 931 ... that Michigan's All-American quarterback Archie Weston (pictured) was once tackled during a game by an irate female fan?
81. Steve Farrell (1/26/09) StephenJFarrell.jpg 5,400 931 ... that Steve Farrell, called "the greatest professional foot-racer" in America, raced against horses for several years in the 1890s and reportedly only lost a half dozen times?
82. Quackers (11/27/08) 5,400 900 ... that Soviet submarines patrolling in the North Atlantic in the 1970s reported mysterious frog-like sounds, dubbed "quackers", which have been classified as Unidentified Submerged Objects? (4,400 views for "unidentified submerged objects") (nom)
83. Yale Bulldogs football (11/2-11/3/10)
Handsome Dan 1890.jpg
5,335 889 ... that the Yale Bulldogs football team (mascot pictured) has won 27 national championships and ranks second in wins in college football history?
84. Craig Roh (9/25/10) Craig Roh (2012-09-15) c.jpg 5,329 888 ... that Craig "Death" Roh adopted a diet of six meals and more than 4,000 calories a day because he considered himself "tiny" at 230 pounds (104 kg)?
85. Mike Penner (12/4/09) 5,300 883 ... that Los Angeles Times sports writer Mike Penner told readers he was a transsexual in a 2007 essay entitled "Old Mike, new Christine"?
86. In the Presence of Mine Enemies (9/30/20) 20,907 871 ... that Leon Uris called Rod Serling's In the Presence of Mine Enemies "the most disgusting presentation in the history of American television" and demanded that the negative be burned?
87. San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct (9/16/08) San Buenaventura Mission Aqueduct.jpg 6,512 868 ... that the seven-mile-long Ventura Mission Aqueduct, built between 1780 and 1815, has been called "an engineering marvel"?
88. Talheim Death Pit (11/29/08) 5,206 868 ... that most of the skeletons found at Talheim Death Pit, a mass grave in Germany dating to 5000 BC, show signs of skull trauma, and scientists have concluded that those buried there were victims of genocide? (nom)
89. Frederick Mitchell Mooers House (7/30/08) Frederick Mitchell Mooers House 2 (Los Angeles).jpg 5,170 861 ... that Mooers House (pictured), an example of West Coast Victorian architecture, is named for its owner who struck gold after years of prospecting in the Mojave Desert?
90. Adamson House (9/7/08) Dog Bath, Adamson House.jpg 5,153 859 ... that Adamson House, called the "Taj Mahal of Tile", has an elaborately tiled dog bath (pictured)?
91. Len Ford (10/3/14) Len Ford from 1948 Michiganensian.jpg 10,233 853 ... that in his NFL debut season, Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Len Ford (pictured) was injured so severely in a game he required plastic surgery to "virtually rebuild" his face?
92. Arnall Patz (3/31/10) 5,267 850 ... that ophthalmologist Arnall Patz received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for solving one of "the great medical mysteries of the postwar era"?
93. Kappe Residence (1/9/09) 5,039 840 ... that the Kappe Residence, described as "a virtual tree house poised over a steep hillside", was named one of the top ten houses in Los Angeles by an expert panel selected by the Los Angeles Times?
94. Hollywood Masonic Temple (5/29/08) Hollywood Masonic Temple.JPG 5,037 840 ... that the Neoclassical Hollywood Masonic Temple (pictured) has been used as a Masonic Lodge, opera house, and nightclub, and is now the home of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! television show?
95. Stop AAPI Hate, murder of Vicha Ratanapakdee (3/11/21) 10,058 (3,149 + 6,699 + 210) 838 .. that Stop AAPI Hate was formed in 2020 in response to increased racially motivated violence against Asian people, which now includes the murder of Vicha Ratanapakdee? (nom)
96. Lil Stoner Lil Stoner (cropped for DYK).png 10,047 837 ... that pitcher and "smokeball artist" Lil Stoner (pictured) also enjoyed baking and growing flowers?
97. Hale House Hale House, Heritage Square, Los Angeles.JPG 5,007 835 ... that the 1880s Victorian Hale House (pictured), with its exuberant ornamentation and color scheme, has been called "the most photographed house" in Los Angeles? (7,800 DYK photo views)
98. Eugene Goodman (1/27/21) Eugene Goodman inauguration (cropped).png 10,003 834 .. that Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman has been credited with having "saved American Democracy" on January 6, 2021? (also received 105,788 views, 1/20-1/23)
99. Bob Chappuis (1/3-1/4/08) Bob Chappuis.png 4,912 819 ... that, after eluding capture for three months when his B-25 bomber was shot down behind enemy lines in World War II, Bob Chappuis was the MVP of the Rose Bowl 60 years ago?
100. Junior Coghlan (9/22/09) 6,547 818 ... that Frank Coghlan said "damn" in Gone with the Wind, but is best known known for saying "Shazam" in Captain Marvel, the first big screen depiction of a comic book superhero?
101. St. Brendan (Los Angeles) (4/24/08) St. Brendan Catholic Church (Los Angeles, California) edit.jpg 5,270 811 ...that St. Brendan's Church (pictured) has been a location for two apocalypse movies: the Martian attack in 1953's War of the Worlds and the wedding at the end of Armageddon?
102. James E. Lawrence (8/5/11) James E. Lawrence (1902).jpg 6,400 800 ... that James E. Lawrence (pictured) was once "considered the greatest place-kicker the University of Michigan ever had"? (20,290 views on 9/12/10)
103. Curiosity Kills the Cat (12/17/08) 4,800 800 ... that a technician at the Beijing Film Laboratory refused to print the film or return the negatives for sex scenes from Curiosity Kills the Cat, having being punished over a similar matter? (nom)
104. The Green Pastures (Hallmark Hall of Fame) (12/14/20) The Charlotte Observer Thu Oct 17 1957.jpg 9,491 791 ... that The Green Pastures (1957) (advertisement pictured) was critiqued in the white Southern press for having "bowed to the inverted prejudice which insists that Negroes shall never be portrayed as Negroes"?
105. Leo the Mathematician (11/20/08) 4,700 783 ... that Leo the Mathematician, called by some the cleverest man in 9th-century Byzantium, invented a system of beacons to warn of Arab raids and a fabled levitating throne for the emperor? (nom)
106. Miyuki Hatoyama (9/6/09) 4,700 783 ... that Japan's incoming First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama claims to have been abducted by aliens in a triangular-shaped UFO and to have known Tom Cruise when he was Japanese in a prior incarnation? (nom)
107. Broadway Theater District (Los Angeles) (7/7/08) Los Angeles Theater on Broadway, Los Angeles.JPG 4,638 773 ... that the Broadway Theater District, with 12 movie palaces (example pictured) in six blocks, is the first and largest historic theater district listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places? (5,000 photo views)
108. John McLean (6/26/09) John McLean (Michigan).jpg 4,600 767 ... that the 1906 firing of John McLean (pictured) for paying an athlete to play college football was called "the biggest scandal in the history of Missouri athletics"?
109. Roger Sherman (4/19/10) Roger Sherman (1890 DYK temp).jpg 4,600 767 ... that Roger Sherman (pictured in 1890) was accused of offering a football player $600 to play for Michigan and later served as president of the Chicago and Illinois State Bar Associations?
110. Golden Gate Theater (5/14/08) Old Theater, 5190 Whittier Blvd., Los Angeles.JPG 5,511 765 ... that the historic Golden Gate Theater was saved by a stop-work order after demolition crews had begun to dismantle the walls?
111. Drum Barracks (8/31/08) Drum Barracks, Wilmington, California.jpg 4,100 759 ... that Drum Barracks were built in 1862 and 1863 at a cost of US$1 million to quell pro-Confederacy sentiments in Los Angeles?
112. Lester Shubin (12/3/09) 6,807 756 ... that chemist Lester Shubin has been credited with saving the lives of thousands of police officers?
113. Syque Caesar (7/30/12) 5,900 738 ... that a University of Michigan gymnast dubbed the "Golden Syque" won the first gold medal in international competition for Bangladesh and was chosen to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London?
114. James Duffy (4/16/10) James E. Duffy (1889).jpg 4,400 733 ... that Michigan's James Duffy (pictured) played seven years of college football and set a world record by drop kicking a football 168 feet, 7-1/2 inches?
115. Bobby Lowe (4/4/11) Bobby Lowe.png 5,837 730 ... that Boston Beaneater Bobby "Link" Lowe (pictured) was the first Major League player to hit four home runs in a game and was selected in 1911 as the best utility player in baseball history?
116. Scottish Rite Cathedral (9/22/09) Scottish Rite Cathedral.jpg 5,800 725 ... that the Scottish Rite Cathedral (pictured), covered in some 250 tons of ornamental terra cotta, was among the first eight structures designated as a Long Beach Historic Landmark?
117. The Manor (5/19/09) 4,200 724 ... that Aaron Spelling's 56,500-square-foot mansion, known as The Manor, is the largest house in Los Angeles County?
118. Dickshooter, Idaho (4/23/11) 4,312 719 ... that Dickshooter was named for Dick Shooter?
119. Lucy Vodden (10/4/09) 8,600 717 ... that Lucy Vodden was John Lennon's inspiration for the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"? (nom)
120. Bob Westfall (8/5/09) Bob Westfall.png 4,300 717 ... that Michigan's "chunky fullback," "Bullet Bob" Westfall, known for his "spinner play," was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1987?
121. Charlie Getzein (3/15-3/16/13) Charles Getzein, S.F. Hess baseball card.jpg 5,493 713 ... that Charlie Getzein, known for his "pretzel curve" pitch, won 59 games in 1886 and 1887, including four games in the 1887 World Series?
122. The Mystery of Thirteen (3/29/21) William palmer.jpg 8,499 708 ... that Jack Lemmon starred in The Mystery of Thirteen as a real-life physician who Charles Dickens called "the greatest villain that ever stood in the Old Bailey"?
123. Sunset Tower (9/1/08) Highsmithargylehotelsunsetstrip.jpg 3,600 706 ... that the Sunset Tower (pictured) in West Hollywood, California was home to Howard Hughes, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, and gangster Bugsy Siegel, who was asked to leave after being charged with running a bookmaking operation there?
124. Louden Machinery Company (10/11/12) 1920 Louden Barn Plans Catalog.jpg 5,600 700 ... that Louden Machinery Co. designed more than 25,000 barns (catalog pictured) as well as monorail devices used in manufacturing the first atomic bomb and at a B-29 bomber plant?
125. George Dygert (4/17/10)
George Dygert
4,200 700 ... that Michigan's 1892/1893 captain George Dygert (pictured) played professional football for a Butte, Montana, team sponsored by mine owners that defeated teams from Denver and San Francisco?
126. World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights (11/18/08) 4,200 700 ... that the World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights, adopted in 1985, calls for the right to unemployment insurance and decriminalization of adult prostitution?
127. David Avadon (9/14/09) 4,200 700 ... that David Avadon earned his livelihood for 30 years as "a daring pickpocket with dashing finesse"?
128. Robert and Hume Ross (1/15/09) 3,700 698 ... that twin brothers Robert and Ross Hume became known as the "Dead Heat Kids" after finishing nine straight mile races, including the Big Ten and NCAA championships, holding hands in dead heat victories? (5.3 hour queue)
129. Gloria Nord (1/13-1/14/10) 8,319 693 ... that pin-up girl Gloria Nord attracted more than a million people to her rolling skating exhibitions in 1942 and 1943 and later gave a command performance for Queen Elizabeth II?
130. Irwin Uteritz (8/10/09) Irwin Uteritz.jpg 4,152 692 ... that Irwin Uteritz (pictured), "one of the lightest 'big time' quarterbacks in American football history" at 140 pounds, led Michigan to two undefeated seasons and a national championship?
131. Herb Treat (4/7/09) 4,007] 691 ... that Herb Treat, unanimously selected as a 1922 College Football All-American, was hit by a car in 1943 and plunged nine stories from a hotel window in 1947?
132. Frank Steketee (12/19/07) Frank Steketee.jpg 5,512 689 ...that, though records from the era are sketchy, press accounts reported that All-American football player Frank Steketee once kicked a 100-yard punt?
133. Around the World in 90 Minutes (3/30/21) Around the World in 90 Minutes (Playhouse 90).jpg 8,256 688 ... that Around the World in 90 Minutes featured Elizabeth Taylor cutting a 30-foot-long (9.1 m) cake, Walter Cronkite reporting, and Hubert Humphrey delivering a speech?
134. Harold Lloyd Estate (9/1/08) Harold Lloyd Estate (Beverly Hills, CA).jpg 4,200 677 ... that Harold Lloyd's Estate, called "the most impressive movie star's estate ever created," included a golf course and a 900-foot canoe stream?
135. Harvard Crimson football (11/6/10) Harvard Stadium aerial.jpg 4,037 673 ... that the Harvard Crimson football team (home stadium pictured) has won 12 national championships and is the eighth winningest team in NCAA Division I football history?
136. George Crowther 3,366 673 ... that Brown's All-American 135-pound quarterback "Kid" Crowther played with an elastic band around his head in lieu of a helmet?
137. Paul Bunker (7/15/09) Paul Bunker.jpg 3,977 663 ... that Paul Bunker died in a Japanese POW camp in 1943 but kept hidden a remnant of the U.S. flag from Corregidor now displayed at the West Point Museum?
138. Stimson House (5/10/08) Stimson House, Los Angeles.JPG 4,624 661 ... that after surviving a dynamite attack in 1896, fraternity parties in the 1940s, and an earthquake in 1994, Stimson House (pictured) is now a convent for Catholic nuns?
139. Mel Groomes (9/4/13) Mel Groomes.png 5,266 658 ... that in April 1947, halfback Mel Groomes (pictured) became the first African-American player signed by the Detroit Lions?
140. Icehouse Wilson 3,908 651 ... that Icehouse Wilson, a member of "Oakland's first World Champion Baseball team," had a career batting average of .000 in Major League Baseball?
141. Paul J. Jones (8/11/09)
Paul Jones (1902).jpg
3,900 650 ... that federal judge Paul Jones sentenced a pregnant mother of ten to jail for selling a quart of liquor, lectured her on birth control, and asked, "Doesn't this woman know how to stop it?"
142. Ebell of Los Angeles (6/18/08) Ebell of Los Angeles, Los Angeles.JPG 4,988 648 ... that young Judy Garland was discovered, and Amelia Earhart made her last public appearance, at Ebell of Los Angeles (pictured)?
143. Santa Fe Freight Depot (7/23/08) Santa Fe Freight Depot (North side), Los Angeles.jpg 3,885 648 ... that Sci-Arc architecture school built its Los Angeles campus from the 1907 Santa Fe Freight Depot (pictured), a concrete structure with 120 bays stretching as long as the Empire State Building is tall?
144. Watts Station (7/15/08) Watts Station, Los Angeles.JPG 4,525 646 ... that Watts Station was the only structure to remain intact along "Charcoal Alley" during the Watts Riots?
145. 1895 Michigan Wolverines football team (1/2-1/3/10) 1895 Michigan football team.jpg 3,222 644 ... that the 1895 Michigan football team (player pictured) outscored its opponents 266 to 14 and clinched a claim to the Western championship of American football?
146. Macorina (song) 7,728 644 ... that "Macorina", the first erotic song dedicated to one woman by another, became a "lesbian hymn"?
147. The Wolf Woman (9/27/09) West-raymond-wolf-woman-1916.jpg 5,100 638 ... that reviewers called The Wolf Woman the "greatest vampire picture of all" and its star, Louise Glaum, "the greatest vampire woman of all time"?
148. 1889 College Football All-America Team (4/29/09) 3,874 635 ... that the quarterback for the first College Football All-America Team in 1889 was Edgar Allan Poe?
149. Shorty Hamilton (10/6/09) 3,800 633 ... that silent film comedian Shorty Hamilton died in 1925 when his automobile crashed into a steam shovel in Hollywood?
150. Burro Flats Painted Cave (9/23/08) Pictographs at the Burro Flats Painted Cave.png 3,800 633 ... that some believe the pictographs in Burro Flats Painted Cave were drawn by Native American maidens who slept in the cave as part of a puberty ritual?
151. Mysterious Walker (5/27/10) Mysterious Walker, University of Chicago c. 1907.png 3,778 630 ... that Mysterious Walker, who played for or coached more than 30 baseball, basketball and football teams, earned his nickname pitching for the San Francisco Seals under a pseudonym and wearing a mask?
152. Mary Star of the Sea (4/28/08) Bronze Statue of Mary atop Mary Star of the Sea, San Pedro.JPG 3,900 629 ... that the bronze of Mary atop Mary Star of the Sea, known as the "Fishermen's Church," is lit at night so she can be seen from the Port of Los Angeles harbor?
153. List of Australian inventions (12/17/08) 3,800 623 ... that Australian inventions include the boomerang, didgeridoo, black box flight data recorder, Vegemite, spray-on skin, and bionic ear (pictured)?
154. McCarty Memorial Christian Church (5/7-5/8/08) McCarty Memorial Christian Church, Los Angeles edit1.jpg 4,357 622 ... that McCarty Church (pictured) in Los Angeles gained attention for its pastor's decision to racially integrate his white Protestant church in the mid-1950s? (4,200 photo views)
155. Hillcrest Country Club (4/2/08) 5,400 621 ...that Groucho Marx joined Hillcrest Country Club even though it was willing to have him as a member?
156. Allen Steckle (7/2/09) Allen Steckle.jpg 5,585 621 ... that medical doctor A.C. Steckle (pictured) gained fame coaching the University of Nevada, a school with only 80 students, to a 1903 victory over the University of California football team?
157. Tom Shevlin (6/18/09) Tom Shevlin.jpg 3,707 618 ... that four-time All-American football end and millionaire lumberman Tom Shevlin (pictured) died of pneumonia after contracting a cold while training the Yale football team?
158. Jardinette Apartments (5/28/08) Jardinette Apartments aka Marathon Apartments from northwest 2015-05-03.jpg 4,010 617 ... that Richard Neutra's Jardinette Apartments in Hollywood is considered one of the first Modernist buildings in America?
159. South Park Lofts (7/10/08) Building at 816 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles.JPG 3,700 617 ... that South Park Lofts in Los Angeles, originally an eight-story parking garage, was converted to lofts, whereupon residents complained about a lack of parking?
160. Royal Coachman (11/14/08)
Orvis-Royal Coachman.JPG
3,700 617 ... that the Royal Coachman (pictured), first made in 1878, may be the world's best-known fly? (nom)
161. Fred Dunlap (9/2/11) Fred Dunlap 0559fu.jpg 4,758 595 ... that Fred Dunlap, who was once the highest paid player in professional baseball, died penniless at the age of 43?
162. Jerry Dorgan (7/10/14) 4,800 592 ... that professional baseball player Jerry Dorgan suffered from an "unconquerable appetite for liquor" and died after being discovered inebriated in a barn with an empty liquor bottle by his side?
163. Charles S. Mitchell (7/8/11) Charles S. Mitchell.jpg 4,700 588 ... that Charles S. Mitchell (pictured), "goal-keeper" on the first Michigan football team, became the editor-in-chief of the Washington Herald?
164. Arthur Matsu (8/19/11) Arthur Matsu.png 4,671 584 ... that Arthur Matsu was the first Asian American student at The College of William & Mary, the first Asian American quarterback in the NFL and the first Japanese coach in American football?
165. John A. Bloomingston (12/19/10) 3,500 583 ... that Michigan fullback John Bloomingston (pictured), who became one of Chicago's best known trial lawyers, was disbarred in 1896 for playing professional baseball?
166. Precious Blood Church (12/2/09) Precious Blood Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 3,600 580 ... that the Los Angeles Times wrote that a motorist passing the playground at Precious Blood Church (pictured) might think "he'd been transported to a Catholic school in circa-1950s Chicago or Pittsburgh"?
167. The Rock Hotel (10/24/12) The Rock Hotel.jpg 4,600 575 ... that John Lennon married Yoko Ono at The Rock Hotel?
168. Franklin Cappon (2/19/09) Cappy Cappon.jpg 3,547 572 ... that "Cappy" Cappon (pictured), known for his "five-man weave" basketball offense, was mentor to Princeton athletes from the 1930s to the 1960s, including Bill Bradley and Frank Deford?
169. Brady Hoke (1/20/11) Brady Hoke (6043752190).jpg 3,421 570 ... that it had been said that the new Michigan Wolverines football coach Brady Hoke would "crawl on hot, broken glass to work inside Schembechler Hall as the head coach"? (81,329 views 1/11-12/11)
170. The Defender (11/3/20) 6,763 564 ... that Steve McQueen and William Shatner starred in The Defender, the first live television drama divided for broadcast on separate nights, "leaving audiences dangling on the cliff"?
171. Arthur Karpus (3/22/11)
Arthur Karpus (DYK).jpg
4,500 563 ... that Michigan's Arthur Karpus (pictured) played for Big Ten championship teams in football, basketball and baseball?
172. Ned Hanlon (7/28/14) Ned Hanlon Tomlinson 1887.jpg 6,628 562 ... that "Foxy Ned" Hanlon (pictured), inventor of the "Baltimore chop", was "The Father of Modern Baseball"?
173. Wilshire Boulevard Temple (4/29/08) Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Los Angeles.JPG 4,497 562 ... that Wilshire Boulevard Temple, with its landmark Byzantine dome (pictured), is the oldest Jewish synagogue in Los Angeles?
174. Willie Heston (7/11/10) Willie Heston (bentley image).jpg 3,346 558 ... that Willie Heston (pictured), rated by Knute Rockne as the greatest back of all time, helped Michigan outscore its opponents 2,326 to 40 in his four years with the team?
175. Heinie Meine (8/30/11) HeinieMeineGoudeycard.jpg 4,500 555 ... that during the Prohibition era, the National League's leading pitcher Heinie Meine (pictured) operated a speakeasy known for "moose milk that would peel the paint off a battleship"?
176. Procopio (12/26-12/27/08) 2,645 551 ... that 19th-century California bandit Procopio, also known as Red-Handed Dick, was said to "love the feel and the color of warm blood," and his name was used by mothers to frighten their children?
177. James Baird (4/16/10) 3,300 550 ... that Michigan quarterback James Baird supervised the construction of the Flatiron Building (video right), the Lincoln Memorial, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?
178. Sacco-Vanzetti Story (10/2/20) 13,149 548 ... that the 1960 television play Sacco-Vanzetti Story was called "one of the most controversial ever seen on television"?
179. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (11/11/20, 3 hrs), (12/3/20, 12 hrs) 2,035 + 6,071 = 8,106 540 ... that a satirical website reported that Joe Biden was energizing donors with "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang"?
.. that music critic Greg Kot described "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" as "despicable misogyny", but listed it among his guilty pleasures because the "rawwwk doesn't get much rawer"?
180. The Plot to Kill Stalin (10/5/20) 12,951 540 ... that the Soviet Union called The Plot to Kill Stalin "filthy slander" and retaliated by closing the CBS news bureau in Moscow?
181. William Shakespeare (4/1/10) 3,200 533 ... that William Shakespeare was nicknamed "The Merchant of Menace"?
182. Centinela Adobe (6/9/08) Centinela Adobe, Los Angeles.JPG 3,200 533 ... that the builder of Centinela Adobe traded his 2,200-acre (880 ha) ranch encompassing the modern city of Inglewood for a keg of whisky and a small home in Los Angeles?
183. 1895 Michigan Wolverines football team (1/2/10)
1895 player Forrest Hall
3,200 533

... that the 1895 Michigan football team (player pictured) outscored its opponents 266 to 14 and clinched a claim to the Western championship of American football?

184. Death by coconut (7/28/13) BEWARE FALLING COCONUTS sign in Honolulu Hawaii-Vector.svg 4,258 532 ... that according to an urban legend, coconuts kill more people than sharks each year?
185. Montecito Apartments Montecito Apartments, Hollywood, California.JPG 3,156 526 ... that the Art Deco Montecito Apartments (pictured) had been the home of Ronald Reagan, James Cagney, Montgomery Clift, and George C. Scott before becoming a senior citizens' housing project?
186. Camarillo Ranch House (9/17/08)
Camarillo Ranch House
4,200 525 ... that Camarillo Ranch House (pictured), headquarters for "the largest bean ranch in the world", was renowned for its Arabian stallions that led the Rose Parade?
187. St. Augustine Catholic Church, Culver City (4/22/08) St. Augustine Catholic Church (Culver City, California).JPG 4,000 519 ...that a Muslim fundamentalist beheaded a statue of the Virgin Mary at St. Augustine's and carted a statue of Father Serra to a nearby mosque in October 2001?
188. Chaino (1/27-1/28/11) 3,109 518 .. that bongo player Chaino, whose albums included Jungle Mating Rhythms, claimed to be an orphan from a lost tribe in central Africa but was actually born in Philadelphia and raised in Chicago?
189. Minnie Hill Palmer House (8/27/08) Minnie Hill Palmer House, Chatsworth.jpg 3,100 517 ... that the namesake of the Minnie Hill Palmer House was born there in 1886 and remained in the 1970s, still tending her garden, then located adjacent to a golf course, with an antique hand plow?
190. Charley Barrett (3/11/10) 3,100 517 ... that Hall of Fame quarterback Charley Barrett died of an illness contracted in an explosion on the USS Brooklyn in Yokohama Harbor during World War I?
191. The Jet Propelled Couch Maila Nurmi 1947.jpg 6,167 514 ... that the producers of The Jet Propelled Couch hired "Miss Color TV", Vampira (pictured in black and white), and several Miss Americas to portray attractive creatures inhabiting an imaginary planet?
192. Frank Ringo (7/9-7/10/14) 7,125 509 ... that baseball player Frank Ringo, who was "inordinately fond" of whiskey, married in January 1889 and killed himself in April of that same year?
193. Berthold Beitz (8/5/13) Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1986-0226-333, Bonn, Besuch Volkskammer-Delegation, Sindermann cropped.jpg 4,063 508 ... that businessman Berthold Beitz saved hundreds of Jews, including tailors, hairdressers and Talmudic scholars, by designating them as essential to Nazi Germany's war effort?
194. Van Nuys Boulevard (3/21/08) Van Nuys Boulevard Street Scene2.JPG 3,400 507 ...that Van Nuys Boulevard, running through the heart of LA's San Fernando Valley, was a center of teenage cruising from the 1950s through the 1970s?
195. 1918 Michigan Wolverines football team (11/20-11/21/10) 1918 Michigan-MAC program.jpg 3,042 507 ... that the 1918 Michigan Wolverines football team (game program pictured), which had its season shortened by a global flu pandemic, was recognized decades later as a co-national champion?
196. Anton Zamloch (1/11/08) AntonZamloch.jpg 2,883 506 ...that 19th century magician and vaudeville star Anton Zamloch was accused, and then exonerated, of having "bewitched" a woman's wedding ring from her gloved hand?
197. Ted Coy (6/21/09) Ted Coy.jpg 3,020 503 ... that Yale All-American Ted Coy (pictured), who played football with "his long blonde hair held back by a white sweatband," was the basis for a character in a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald?
198. Punta Gorda Fish Co. (10/10/12) Punta Gorda FL Ice Plant01.jpg 4,000 500 ... that ten Florida fish cabins and icehouses built by the Punta Gorda Fish Co. have been listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places?
199. Mel Wakabayashi (2/25/09) 3,100 500 ... that Mel Wakabayashi, born in a wartime Japanese-Canadian internment camp, was called "perhaps the most unlikely star in the long history of Michigan sports, and surely one of the most inspirational"?
200. LAHCM Harbor + Powder Magazine (10/6/08) Powder Magazine (Camp Drum).jpg 3,000 500 ... that the historic monuments in the Los Angeles Harbor area include a Civil War Powder Magazine, a World War I coastal artillery battery, and the bridge of a World War II heavy cruiser?
201. Vernon Prichard (3/17/10) Vernon E. Prichard3.jpg 2,970 495 ... that General Vernon Prichard, commander of the "Old Ironsides" armored division during the Italian Campaign in World War II, was Dwight Eisenhower's quarterback at West Point?
202. Wally Weber (2/13-2/14/08) 3,157 493 ...that Wally Weber, football player, coach and broadcaster at Michigan for 45 years, was renowned for his "polysyllabic fluency" and sounding like an "an educated foghorn"?
203. Albert C. Martin Sr. (9/12/08) Los Angeles City Hall (color) edit1.jpg 2,756 492 ... that architect Albert C. Martin successfully defended his design of the 28-story Los Angeles City Hall (pictured) against those who argued the city government could fit into the first four floors?(7,800 views for LA City Hall) (7,800 views for LA City Hall, 5,200 DYK photo views)
204. Waldo Hunt (12/3/09) 3,000 492 ... that Waldo Hunt, "King of the Pop-Ups," could "make dinosaurs rear up, ships set sail and bats quiver in belfries"?
205. Montecito Tea Fire (11/19-11/20/08) 2,930 488 ... that the Montecito Tea Fire, which destroyed more than 200 homes in California, was caused by smoldering embers from a bonfire party at an abandoned tea house?
206. Bob Mann (10/6/10) 1950 Bowman Bob Mann Yankees.jpg 2,904 484 ... that Bob Mann, the first black player for Detroit and Green Bay, claimed he was "railroaded" out of football when he objected to a pay cut after leading the NFL in receiving yards?
207. John Brennan (3/8/10) 2,900 483 ... that John Brennan, a 201-pound football player, was voted "queen" of the University of Michigan ice carnival after challenging the pulchritude of the school's co-eds?
208. Stan Pennock (3/11/10) 2,879 480 ... that College Football Hall of Fame inductee Stan "Bags" Pennock was killed in an explosion that wrecked the chemical plant he opened in an abandoned New Jersey slaughterhouse?
209. Nicolae Pleşiţă (10/5/09) 4,900 480 ... that former Romanian secret police chief Nicolae Pleşiţă, notorious for his dealings with Carlos the Jackal, admitted dragging dissident writer Paul Goma around his cell by his beard?
210. Victory Boulevard (3/11/08) Victory Gateway at Upper Los Virgenes.JPG 3,600 480 ...that Victory Boulevard, running the 25-mile length of the San Fernando Valley, is mentioned in Randy Newman's I Love LA: "Victory Boulevard (We Love It!)"?
211. Don Doll (10/9/10) Don Doll 1950.jpeg 2,885 481 ... that Don Doll, the only player in NFL history to register 10 or more interceptions in 3 separate seasons, changed his surname to "Doll" after being discharged from the Marines?
212. John Hiller (9/2/19) John Hiller 1975.jpg 5,743 479 ... that after suffering a heart attack at the age of 27, relief pitcher John Hiller (pictured) made a comeback and broke Major League Baseball's record for saves in a season?
213. Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home (7/17-7/18/08) 3,165 480 ... that the Clark Memorial Home, built in 1913 as a home for single working women, has been a shooting location for Rocketeer, Twins, and Mr. Saturday Night?
214. Charles Bond (9/17/09) 2,868 478 ... that Maj. Gen. Charles Bond was credited with shooting down nine-and-a-half Japanese planes and was himself shot down twice while serving with the Flying Tigers in Burma and China?
215. Sadie Houck (6/9/14) Sadie Houck.jpg 5,703 475 ... that Sadie Houck was blacklisted by the National League for being "addicted to drink" despite being acknowledged as "one of the best short stops in the country and a thorough ball player"?
216. Derrick Green (9/3/13) 3,800 475 ... that Derrick Green, rated the No. 1 running back in the college football recruiting Class of 2013, has been described as follows: "Look at him from the back and the side, he's a huge human being"?
217. Bob Topp (9/8/10) 470 2,820 ... that Bob Topp helped the New York Giants defeat the Cleveland Browns in 1956 by intercepting radio signals used to relay plays onto the field from the Browns' bench?
218. The Ford 50th Anniversary Show (10/17/20) Martin and Merman duet in Ford Anniversary Show.jpeg 11,238 468 ... that a 1953 television special broadcast simultaneously on NBC and CBS attracted 60 million viewers and was called "a milestone in the cultural life of the '50s"?
219. Avenel Cooperative Housing Project (7/3/08) 2,800 467 ... that units in LA's Avenel Cooperative Housing Project, reportedly built as "a cooperative living experiment for a group of communists", were selling for US$300,000 in 2002?
220. Sayre Fire (11/19/08) Burned mobile home neighborhood in California edit.jpg 2,796 466 ... that the Sayre Fire resulted in the worst loss of homes due to fire in the history of Los Angeles, surpassing the loss of 484 residences in the 1961 Bel Air fire?
221. 1910 Michigan Wolverines football team (4/24/12)
Joe Magidsohn.jpg
3,700 463 ... that the undefeated 1910 Michigan football team featured three All-Americans in Albert Benbrook, Stanfield Wells and Joe Magidsohn (pictured)?
222. Irby Curry (11/24-11/25/09) 2,756 459 ... that Vanderbilt's 130-pound quarterback Irby "Rabbit" Curry, an elusive runner who "only needed the suspicion of an opening to wriggle through," was killed in aerial combat in 1918?
223. The Salt Box (3/2/09) 2,825 457 ... that The Salt Box, one of the first Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments, was razed by fire seven months after being relocated to make room for a $500 million skyscraper development?
224. Neutra VDL Studio and Residences (5/21/05/22/09) NeutraHouse004 cropped sm.jpg 2,705 451 ... that architect Richard Neutra used mirrors and reflecting pools to provide spaciousness for his home on a small lot, the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences, on Silver Lake in Los Angeles?
225. 1884 Michigan Wolverines football team (3/20/12)
1884 Michigan Wolverines football team.jpg
3,600 450 ... that the 1884 Michigan football team's (pictured) first game was part of a "field day" that included heavyweight boxing, "catch-as-catch-can wrestling" and "chasing greased pig"?
226. ʻIolani Luahine (1/1-1/2/09) 2,694 449 ... that Iolani Luahine, considered the high priestess of the ancient hula, was said to be able to "call up the wind and the rain" and to "make animals do her bidding"?
227. Eddie Mahan (9/3/09) Eddie Mahan.jpg 2,689 448 ... that three-time All-American Eddie Mahan was named by Jim Thorpe as the greatest football player of all time?
228. Tip O'Neill (8/7/14) Tip O'Neill (baseball player).jpg 5,200 444 ... that Tip O'Neill won the triple crown and set at least eight Major League Baseball batting records?
229. Michael van der Veen (3/3/21) Michael van der Veen.png 5,263 439 ... that Michael van der Veen, who represented Donald Trump at his second impeachment trial, also represented a man claiming to have been served a fried rat at a KFC?
230. Edward Moulton (7/20/11) 3,500 438 ... that "Dad" Moulton, a participant in Sherman's March to the Sea, was the U.S. sprint champion in the 1870s, and trained the "world's fastest human" in the 1880s?
231. Walter S. Kennedy (4/29/10) 3,500 438 ... that quarterback Walter Kennedy's amateur status became a national media story in 1898 after his mother said he was receiving $500 a year to play football at the University of Chicago?
232. Murray Sayle (10/2/10) 2,630 438 ... that Australian Murray Sayle, known for his "rat-like cunning", was a war correspondent in Vietnam, tracked Che Guevara through the Bolivian jungle, climbed Mt. Everest and sailed solo across the Atlantic?
233. Count Campau (6/25-6/26/14) Countcampaudetroit.jpg 3,485 436 ... that 19th-century baseball player Count Campau could reportedly run the bases in 14 seconds, and once converted an infield popup into a home run?
234. Edward Moulton (7/20/11) 3,462 433 ... that "Dad" Moulton, a participant in Sherman's March to the Sea, was the U.S. sprint champion in the 1870s, and trained the "world's fastest human" in the 1880s?
235. Lorenzo Tucker (4/30/08) 4,191 432 ... that a scandal arose when African-American actor Lorenzo Tucker, known as the "Black Valentino", playing a pimp in a play, kissed Mae West, playing a prostitute?
236. St. Basil Catholic Church (12/3/09) St. Basil Catholic Church (Los Angeles, California).JPG 2,500 431 ... that the 1969 dedication of St. Basil Church in Los Angeles prompted a "club-swinging mob" of Chicanos to break into the church during Christmas Midnight Mass?
237. Lillian Brown (11/1/20) LillianBrown.jpg 5,149 429 ... that Lillian Brown, makeup artist to nine U.S. presidents, stopped Richard Nixon's sobbing before he went on television to resign the presidency?
238. Ysrael Seinuk (10/10/10) 2,560 427 ... that Ysrael Seinuk came to the United States with little more than "my slide rule and my diploma from the University of Havana" and became known as "Mr. New York"?
239. Olson House (8/8/11) Olson House, Cushing, ME.jpg 3,400 425 ... that Olson House, made famous by its depiction in Christina's World, was designated a National Historic Landmark in June 2011?
240. Connie Hill (9/13/13) 3,400 425 ... that Connie Hill (pictured), captain of the first hockey team to win the Frozen Four, received a Ph.D. for his dissertation, "Mood, self-derogation and anomia as factors in response unreliability"?
241. Sam Stoller (1/27/09) 2,495 423 ... that the U.S. Olympic Committee awarded medals to Sam Stoller and Marty Glickman 62 years after the only two Jews on the U.S. track team were pulled from the 400-meter relay team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics?
242. Pico Canyon Oilfield (8/4/08) 3,800 422 ... that Well No. 4 in the Pico Canyon Oilfield was the first commercially successful oil well in the Western United States and the longest producing oil well in the world at 114 years?
243. U.S. Post Office - Los Angeles Terminal Annex (8/11/08) U.S. Post Office - Los Angeles Terminal Annex.jpg 3,100 419 ... that the Terminal Annex Post Office was LA's central mail processing facility for 50 years and became a filming location when it closed?
244. 1955 Hillsdale Dales football team, Nate Clark 10,041 (7,189 + 2,858) 418.4 ... that the undefeated 1955 Hillsdale Dales football team declined a Tangerine Bowl bid because the bowl insisted that four black players—including national scoring leader Nate Clark—stay home?
245. Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center (10/4/08) 2,500 417 ... that the main house on the grounds of the city-owned Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center in Los Angeles incorporates swastikas in its architecture?
246. Breed Street Shul (5/3/08)
Congregation Talmud Torah (Breed Street Shul), Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.JPG
2,500 417 ... that Breed Street Shul, now vacant in a Hispanic part of Los Angeles, was the largest Orthodox synagogue in the western United States from 1915 to 1951?
247. Joe Maddock (8/12/09) Joe Maddock.jpg 2,500 417 ... that Joe Maddock (pictured) was one of the biggest ground gainers, and played four positions, for Michigan's 1903 "Point-a-Minute" football team?
248. A Town Has Turned to Dust (10/9/20) 9,915 413 ... that sponsors refused to back the lynching story A Town Has Turned to Dust until writer Rod Serling moved the setting out of the South and changed the victim from black to Mexican?
249. Fujiyama Mama (1/13/21) 4,959 413 ... that "Fujiyama Mama", an American rockabilly song that compared a woman's energy to the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was a number-one hit in Japan in 1958?
250. Cooper Arms Apartments (9/25/09) Cooper Arms Apartments.jpg 3,300 413 ... that when Cooper Arms opened in Long Beach, California, it boasted the latest amenities, including "disappearing beds" and "dustless roller screens"?
251. List of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments in South Los Angeles (10/15-10/16/08) Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Entrance).JPG 2,555 406 ... that the Historic-Cultural Monuments in South Los Angeles include Ray Charles' recording studio, a stadium that hosted two Summer Olympics (pictured), and an early home of the Oscar ceremonies?
252. Cliff Sparks (11/17/09) Cliff Sparks.jpg 2,425 404 ... that Cliff Sparks, hailed in 1916 as "eel-like," a "whirlwind" and "the greatest quarterback Michigan ever has had," punted by forcefully throwing the ball at his uprising foot?
253. Smith Estate (8/1/08) Smith Estate, Highland Park.jpg 2,700 403 ... that the Smith Estate was the home of a writer on occultism, the head of a railroad, and a deputy mayor, and the shooting location for the cult film Spider Baby?
254. Forrest M. Hall (4/26/12)
Forrest M. Hall.jpg
3,200 400 ... that Forrest Hall (pictured) played for Princeton's 1893 national championship football team, coached Auburn to a 94–0 victory over Georgia Tech in 1894, and set a shot put record at Michigan in 1895?
255. Tony Dauksza (2/15/12) 3,200 400 ... that former American football player Tony Dauksza in 1971 became the first person to traverse the Northwest Passage in anything other than a ship, completing the journey by himself in a canoe?
256. 1922 Michigan Wolverines football team (1/30/12) 3,200 400 ... that the undefeated 1922 Michigan football team held opponents to 1.8 points per game and shut out Vanderbilt and Ohio State at dedication games for their new stadia?
257. George W. Gregory (5/30/11) 3,200 400 ... that Stanford University's president wrote in 1907 that the career of Michigan center George W. Gregory illustrated "the evils of football"?
258. Dodge Morgan (10/1/10) 2,402 400 ... that radar detector millionaire Dodge Morgan at age 54 sailed solo around the globe without stops in 150 days, shattering the prior record of 292 days?
259. Mike Murphy (1/27/09) Mike Murphy (trainer).jpg 2,313 399 ... that Mike Murphy (pictured) trained heavyweight boxing champion John L. Sullivan, was the first Michigan Wolverines football coach, and has been called the "the father of American track athletics"?
260. El Cortez Apartment Hotel (5/15/08) ElCortezHotelSanDiegoApr09.jpg 2,500 397 ... that San Diego's El Cortez Hotel, site of the world's first outdoor glass elevator and moving sidewalk, became a school for evangelists in the 1970s?
261. A Night to Remember 9,391 391 ... that A Night to Remember, a live broadcast about Titanic's final night, featured 107 actors and 31 sets, and proved that "TV occasionally can rise to great heights"?
262. List of Registered Historic Places in Los Angeles (5/21/08) 2,728 390 ... that the City of Los Angeles has 186 sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places?
263. John Chase John Chase.png 3,100 388 ... that ophthalmologist John Chase (pictured) commanded the Colorado National Guard in the Colorado Labor Wars, the arrest of Mother Jones, and the Ludlow Massacre? (4,900 hits for Mother Jones; 3,900 hits for Ludlow Massacre; 2,000 hits for Colorado Labor Wars)
264. De Mores Packing Plant (7/12/12) 3,100 388 ... that a pretender to the French throne built the De Mores Packing Plant in the Dakota Territory in 1883?
265. Dudley Dean (5/25/09) Charge of the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill.JPG 2,315 386 ... that Harvard's All-American football quarterback Dudley Dean was cited by Theodore Roosevelt for bravery after the Rough Riders' charge of San Juan Hill (pictured)?
266. Bryant Moniz (11/2-11/3/10) 2,301 384 ... that American football player Bryant Moniz, who began the 2009 season as a walk-on for Hawaii delivering pizzas to pay his expenses, currently leads the NCAA in both passing yards and total offense?
267. Dupee Shaw Dupee Shaw 1904 Boston Globe.jpg 4,520 383 ... that Dupee Shaw's delivery may have been the first pitching wind-up, created "a genuine sensation" and led baseball writers of his day to call him "a monkey, a mountebank and other harsh names"?
268. Robert A. Baker (12/7/08) 4,600 383 ... that "ghost buster" Robert A. Baker was named one of the most outstanding scientific skeptics of the 20th century for his work on hypnosis, ghosts, alien abductions and false memory syndrome? (nom)
269. Ernie Caddel (12/21/10) 2,300 383 ... that Stanford and Detroit Lions running back Ernie Caddel, known as the "Blond Antelope," led the NFL in average yards gained per rushing carry for three consecutive years?
270. Pisgah Home Historic District (7/23/08) Pisgah Home Historic District, Highland Park.JPG 2,745] 381 ... that the Pisgah Home (pictured) was the centre of a controversial movement in the early 1900s by a Pentecostal faith healer to care for the poor and downtrodden?
271. St. Cyril of Jerusalem Church and School (4/20/08) St. Cyril of Jerusalem Church.jpg 3,400 377 ... that St. Cyril of Jerusalem Church was the site of the baptism of Clark Gable's son, the wedding of Annette Funicello, and the funeral of Mercury Seven astronaut "Gordo" Cooper?
272. Bernard Kirk (4/10/09) Bernard Kirk.jpg 2,413 377 ... that Michigan end Bernard Kirk, who Knute Rockne called the "apple of my eye," died of complications from a fractured skull days after being named an All-American in December 1922?
273. Lynn Bomar (8/29/14) 9,013 376 ... that "The Blonde Bear" supervised the ransacking of black households in the 1946 Columbia Race Riot? (nom)
274. Bang the Drum Slowly (10/23/20) 8,867 369 ... that Bang the Drum Slowly, in which Paul Newman stepped in and out of character to double as a Greek chorus, was called "daring television of rare quality"?
275. Opa-locka Thematic Resource Area (10/24/12) 2,950 369 ... that the Opa-Locka Thematic Resource Area includes 20 buildings developed by aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss using an "Arabian Nights" theme?
276. 1886 Michigan Wolverines football team (2/28/09) 2,398 369 ... that the 1886 Michigan football team had a "goalkeeper" and played games measured in "innings"?
277. Highland Park Police Station (8/4/08) HighlandParkPoliceStation.1.jpg 2,300 369 ... that the Highland Park Police Station, where the radical Symbionese Liberation Army once planted a bomb that proved to be a dud, is now the Los Angeles Police Museum?
278. El Cabrillo (7/6/08) El Cabrillo Courtyard.png 2,300 365 ... that El Cabrillo courtyard apartments, built in 1928 by Cecil B. DeMille and later home to transvestite actor Divine, are said to be "steeped in old Hollywood lore"?
279. List of Registered Historic Places in Pasadena (9/15/08) JPLControlRoom.jpg 2,200 361 ... that there are nearly 100 Registered Historic Places in Pasadena, California, including a 25-foot Space Simulator and the JPL Space Flight Operations Facility (pictured)? (3,400 photo views, 1,300 for Space Flight Operations Center)
280. Cleo A. O'Donnell (5/2/10) 2,150 358 .. that Cleo O'Donnell coached the 1914 Everett team that outscored opponents 600 to 0 and was rated by Sports Illustrated as the greatest high school football team of all time?
281. Vicki Morrow (2/27/08) 2,237 358 ...that softball pitcher Vicki Morrow was named Big Ten Player of the Year in 1987 after winning 26 games, including 18 shutouts, and striking out 446 batters?
282. James Tanis (1/13/09) 2,471 358 ... that former guerrilla James Tanis undertook a trip through some twenty fast-flowing rivers and creeks before being inaugurated as the second President of Bougainville?
283. Butch Woolfolk (12/12/07) 2,500 357 ...that college football running back Butch Woolfolk was named MVP of both the Rose Bowl and the Bluebonnet Bowl in the same year?
284. Charlie Fonville (2/8-2/9/08) 2,523 355 ...that Charlie Fonville broke a 14-year-old shot put world record by almost 12 inches (30 cm) at the 1948 Kansas Relays but was not allowed to stay with the other athletes because he was African-American?
285. Tiny Gooch (7/16/10) 2,120 353 ... that Tiny Gooch, placed third in the discus at the NCAA track championships, won the Southwest Conference heavyweight wrestling championship and was acknowledged as "the tallest attorney in Texas" until 1950?
286. Henry Torney (4/26/10) 2,812 352 ... that Army All-American Henry Torney, who later became a millionaire, was arrested at a 1910 Shirtwaist Strikers protest that led the New York Mayor to rebuke the "police dictators"?
287. Donna Mae Mims (10/22/09) 2,786 350 .. that Donna Mae Mims, known as the "Pink Lady" of racing, became the first woman to win a Sports Car Club of America national championship in 1963?
288. Old Warner Brothers Studio(8/28/08) 2,756] 349 ... that the Old Warner Brothers Studio, where the first "talkie" was filmed in 1927, has recently been the location for Judge Judy and Hannah Montana?
289. Gauthier Mvumbi (2/17/21) 8,195 341 ... that Gauthier Mvumbi has been called the "Shaq of handball", the "Congo Colossus", and "the most popular handball player on the Earth"?
290. Serra Cross (7/18/18) Father Serra Cross with Ventura County Fairground and Channel Islands in background.jpg 7,823 326 ... that the Serra Cross (pictured) in Ventura, California, was sold in response to a threatened lawsuit challenging the use of public funds to maintain a religious symbol on public land?
291. P.O.W. (10/25/20) 7,505 313 ... that P.O.W. was based on interviews with repatriated prisoners about communist "brainwashing treatment" during the Korean War?
292. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Playhouse 90) (10/29/20) 7,333 306 ... that Ernest Hemingway watched the television adaptation of For Whom the Bell Tolls from a flea-bitten motel as the screenwriter held the "rabbit ears" for him? (also 4,218 views for "rabbit ears")
293. Judgment at Nuremberg (10/19/20) 5,608 234 ... that Claude Rains's reference to the Nazis' "gas ovens" was cut from the audio during the broadcast of Judgment at Nuremberg due to an objection by a gas-company sponsor?
294. Filipino Baby (12/28/20) 5,223 218 ... that "Filipino Baby", a song about a sailor's love for a Filipino girl, described as "my treasure and my pet", was a top-five hit for three different artists in 1946?
Sam Mikulak (7/7/12) 1,004 126 ... that University of Michigan gymnast Sam Mikulak won the 2011 NCAA all-around championship and will represent the United States at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London? (76,351 views 7/29-7/31)
Greg Morton no data ... that Greg Morton, college football's defensive player of the year for 1976, collected exotic flora, including a purple passion plant he named Claudine?
Eugene Neeley (8/31/14) no data ... that the one-armed football player Eugene Neeley became a consensus first-team All-American?
John T. Elson (9/27/09) no data ... that John T. Elson, who famously asked, "Is God Dead?" in 1966, is dead at age 78?

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