Trajan (board game)

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DesignersStefan Feld
Setup time10-15 minutes
Playing time1-2 hours
Random chanceLow
Skills requiredStrategic thought

Trajan is a board game designed by Stefan Feld[1] and first introduced in 2011 by German publisher Ammonit Spieleverlag. The game takes place in ancient Rome where players try to seize opportunities in business and politics to advance their personal status. It features a mancala-style mechanism that each player uses to select an action on each turn.[2]

Gameplay Overview[edit]

The game is set in 110AD with players trying to score victory points in a series of six different "tactical facilities" determined by the mancala-style mechanism. Each section of the mancala determines an action the player may take in its respective area. An additional 'Trajan' tile sits aside every section of the mancala that may be claimed should its conditions be met, gaining the player victory points and a special ability.[3]

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