Spyfall (card game)

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DesignerAlexandr Ushan
PublisherHobby World
Release date2014
TypeSocial deduction game
Age range13+
Playing time6-10 minutes

Spyfall is a 2014 card game for 3–8 players[1] designed by Alexandr Ushan and published by Hobby World.[2] A sequel, Spyfall 2, was published in 2017. A superhero themed variant, DC Spyfall, was published in 2018.[3]


A typical game of Spyfall lasts for between 6 and 10 minutes, depending on the time control.[1] Each player receives a card representing the same location, except one player who receives a "spy" card. The spy has to guess the location, while other players have to identify the spy. On their turn, players ask each other questions, trying to lure the spy out without giving them too much information about what the location is. At any time during the game, or at its end when the timer runs out, one player can accuse another of being the spy; if there is a consensus and the spy is identified, the spy loses; otherwise, the spy wins. Additionally, at any time the spy can announce that they are the spy, and try to guess the location. If successful, the spy wins, otherwise the spy loses.[4]

Online version[edit]

A free-to-play online version of the game was created by Github user adrianocola.[5] This version of the game is not affiliated with Hobby World.


Spyfall was a 2016 Årets Spil Best Adult Game Winner.[2] It was also nominated for the 2016 Spiel des Jahres award.[6][7] Spyfall 2 was the runner up in the 2017 Best Party Game category for the BoardGameGeek award.[8]


In 2019, Ushan created Spycon, a team based variant of Spyfall in which two teams, each with a spy, try and guess the hidden character card of the other team.[9]


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