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What follows is a list of D'ni ages visited in the game of Riven.

Riven ("Age 5")

File:Riven Age.jpg
A path on Riven's Temple Island
Creatures:Ytrams (frogs), Wahrks, Sunners, Beetles and other animals, also several species of fish.
Geography:Once an island, now broken to a group of five islands inter-connected using magnetic levitation ('mag-lev') vehicles; steam pipes also distribute energy
Inhabitants:Humans, known as Rivenese
Vegetation:Tall trees, grass, flowers, forming tropical jungles.
Written by:Gehn

Riven is both the name of an Age and the main island in it, actually called by Gehn simply his 'Fifth Age'. A lot of references to the number five can be found on the islands, including pentagon-shaped architecture. This is also due to Gehn overrating the importance of the number 'five' in the D'ni society. Riven is another example of the instability of Gehn's ages, as the island drift apart over time, forcing Gehn to replace the old ground paths (cf. Richard Watson (RAWA)'s page explaining the east path) with his mag-lev trains, a more flexible approach to connect the island with each other. In the Riven end game, however, the island finally collapses, the natives refuging to Tay as suggested by Catherine (who follows Atrus instead).

Riven was very unstable because of Gehn's bad knowledge of the Art, and by the time of the game of Riven it had split into several smaller islands. All but the Jungle Island were prohibited to the islanders. Originally Riven had housed an immense tree, but Gehn cut this down in order to create his Books.

Temple Island

Also known as Dome Island, it is consisted by two islets. This is the Island where you start on and it contains the Dome that redirects energy to Gehn's Linking Domes, the Fissure, the Beetle Room with prayers to Gehn. The other islet contains the Temple.

Jungle Island

Also known as Village Island, it is where the Village where the most Rivenese population is concentrated. This is where Gehn punished his unloyal Rivenese feeding them to the Wahrks of the lake. Many trees have been cut down for being assempled to paper and books at Boiler Island

Boiler Island

Also known as Book Assembly Island. A boiler for makeing paper and books is found there, also Gehn's room.

Map Island

Prison Island

Age 233

File:Age 233.jpg
Age 233 terrain
Written by:Gehn

This age was the first relatively stable age Gehn wrote as he was trapped on Riven with no way out, his previous attempts had all failed either because of his flawed Writing, or the lack of a power source for his Books. He called it his "233rd Age", sometimes referring to it as his "Office Age". As with all the ages that came from Gehn's writing, this too was an unstable one.

The strange formation of the mountains in the age are due to the sea, in the age's history, being at a much higher level and very caustic. Over time it lowered, producing the "Upside-Down Mountain" landscape.

Gehn himself had to wear protective clothing whenever venturing out into the age from his office built into a mountain, as it was very harsh. A large satellite looking creation atop his Office was actually used to collect the sparse rain water that fell in the age, and then funnel it to a sink in the small bedroom that sat under his office.

Tay (Moeity Age)

File:Tay Age.jpg
Tay Hive from front
Written by:Katran

Originally merely a hideout place for the Moiety rebellion of the Rivenese, tay later becomes the refuge of the entire Rivenese population, aside from Katran, who decides to go Atrus's way.